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Dallas Construction Law Firm

Construction Law


We represent companies in all facets of the construction industry, including general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, sureties, developers, owners, design professionals, and construction managers. The diversity of the firm’s client base allows us to bring a unique and advantageous perspective to any construction project or issue.


We understand the intricacies of the construction industry and are, therefore, able to provide our clients with a proactive and business-minded approach. Our attorneys have participated in a wide range of construction matters throughout the United States. We can assist you with all phases of the construction project, from contract negotiation to dispute avoidance and resolution.


Contract Negotiation

A well-drafted contract is often the best way to avoid project disputes. We analyze and advise clients on these drafting issues, such as insurance requirements, indemnity provisions, liquidated damages, performance and schedule guarantees, and payment provisions. We also negotiate rights relating to unforeseen conditions, defective or non-conforming work, time extensions, progress and final payments, warranty and lien claims, additional compensation, and project closeout. From inception, through negotiation, to execution, we work with you to ensure you have a contract that best suits your needs.


Litigation and Dispute Resolution
We have handled construction disputes at all levels of trial and appellate litigation, in addition to mediation and arbitration. Our attorneys are comfortable in the courtroom or in front of an arbitrator, constantly furthering the overall objective. Our clients appreciate our tenacity and the passion we have for success. 


Various types of claims our firm routinely handles include:

  • construction defect

  • breach of contract

  • insurance defense

  • lien and bond claims and defenses

  • warranty

  • change order

  • delay, acceleration, and impact  

  • default / termination


Experience has shown that dealing with the potential problem early on often results in a more favorable resolution. Where appropriate, we pursue alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation. We understand clients have different business and legal objectives, which range from righting a wrong to limiting financial exposure. We work with our clients to assess the issues and risks and then devise a plan that will meet the client's objectives.

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